Will the Bullying Ever Stop !

BulliedToDeath_KindleCover_1-20-2017_v1On September 5, 2015, in a public park in LaVergne, Tennessee, fourteen-year-old Sherokee Harriman drove a kitchen knife into her stomach as other teens watched in horror. Despite attempts to save her, the girl died, and the coroner ruled it a “suicide.” But was it? Or was it a crime perpetuated by other teens who had bullied her?

Sherokee’s short life and tragic death created a national media and social media frenzy much of it centered on sensationalism rather than the truth. Meanwhile in LaVergne, the community sought answers to questions about who, if anyone, should be held criminally responsible for “bullying.”

Review: This story is devastating and deeply sad. I don’t understand why people can be so cruel It breaks my heart to read these types of books. But it also gives you a perpestive on things and what you could do differently.

Would you help the person who is being bullied? Or would you stand aside and watch it happen? These are the types of questions that people need to think about.

From her not so good childhood to her friends and ex-boysfriends she has had sad situations. She had disorders, to sexual abuse, to a fire in their home…the lists go on. All she wanted was to feel loved, cared for, safe, and wanted. When she was let down she felt so worthless. She got tired of being let down and she looked at herself like she was a worthless, fat and ugly person.

The story I felt could have been written differently. I didn’t like how they started it. I wished they started with the build up to what they wrote at the beginning. I don’t think I would recommend this book. It was to be honest a very slow read.


Author: bookloverwithablog

I'm new with this book blogging reviewer! But I'm a pretty simple gal who loves reading! I'm a stay at home mom with three beautiful children! I enjoy spending time with them and reading in my spare time as much as I can!

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